Monthly Archives: October 2016

Sale at Voss Farm

Voss Land & Cattle Co. will be offering between 20 and 40 females for sale on Saturday, Nov. 19, at the farm near Linn, Mo.  Note that this is a change from the date originally announced.  Please watch this website and the Voss Land & Cattle website for more details.  Cattle will be preg-tested Nov. 2

Benefit Auction – October 17, 2016

For sale on an online auction Oct 17, 2016. Lot 44:  10 units of Bonafide semen shipped anywhere in the U.S. donated by Sassafras Valley Ranch. The benefit auction is for The Eastern Oklahoma State Livestock Judging Team of which South Poll junior member, Paul Shanks is a part of.   The sale will be posted on from