Scam alert !!!

Hi all…wanted to send out a bulletin of sorts for everyone to be on the lookout for anyone texting you regarding the purchase of one of your cattle, hay, or AG equipment and sending you funds that are more than what you desire to sell for. A few of us have been working with many different branches of law enforcement Rangers out of Texas, US Marshall’s and FBI to try and catch these people, but they’re smart enough to use internet phone numbers, fake addresses, fake checks, but real checking account numbers that they have somehow hacked. The scam is to send you a fake check for more than what you are selling for, asking you to deposit the fake check into your account, and after 24 hours start asking you to go to Walmart to send a money transfer for the extra funds to a transport / hauler company. Please don’t do this as there isn’t enough time after 24 hours for the bank to validate that the check is real and sending your cash / money transfers to these individuals will only lead to your personal loss of assets. 

Its hit our breed, but also other breeds as well..

Please be cautious, we even have talked to these individuals, but they seem to be using VOIP (voice over internet protical) not a physical land or cellular line. Making it almost impossible to trace.

Fortunately, most of our sales transactions are valid to real, honest individuals….however, this is hitting the AG community at large and we need to be cautious.

It it could be boats, cars, cows, you name it….please be cautious.

Blessings on all you put your hands to and prayerfull protection to everything you have. Thanks for reading.

~ Tim Gillis, Hope Hill Farm