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Extraordinary Opportunity HOLIDAY 1638 BULL

Price: $3,250.00
This is Holiday Ranch, posting this ad on behalf of our customer, Gene Daniels. BULL 1638 is the son of B0302, our cow that lived to be 22 years old, so he has the genes to add longevity to your cows. His sire is 1319, the son of Romeo and 4206, one of our all-time best 5 cows we have ever owned and also the sire of A.I. bull 6400. We thought so much of this bull we collected semen to preserve his great genetics. Gene was interested in a bull with great longevity, that's why he purchased 1638. Mrs. Daniels stated the neighbors refer to this bull as "Gene's Million Dollar Bull", and I can say he certainly has a "million dollar pedigree"! I have not seen 1638 in a few years but Mrs. Daniels said she could provide photos. I am providing a yearling photo for reference. $3250.00 In addition to Mrs. Daniels, you could also contact their grandson Patrick Stinson (334) 248-3618.
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