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Full blood heifer Holiday 1706 1305 2327

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HOLIDAY 1706 1305 2327, Available at the Regenerative Agricultural Alliance Summit 9/29/23 2327 is a 7-1/2-month-old full blood heifer sired by Admiral 1706 and out of our 1305 cow. What sets 2327 apart from the crowd is she is a twin. Mama cow raised both daughters and they are just dandy! 2327’s pedigree is simply awesome! Her sire, Admiral 1706 is the son of E-2, one of only 3 embryo cows registered by the Association. E-2’s Sire is 5430, the bull said to have had the most positive influence in the development of the South Poll breed. Her dam is 1628, lovingly called “Fat Mama” for her easy keeping traits. 2327’s dam, 1305, is a favorite 10-year-old cow at Holiday Ranch. She has an excellent confirmation and beautiful udder with enough milk to raise heifer twins this year. 1305’s dam is a 13-year-old cow, 2210, who is 510’s daughter. 510 recently passed on to greener pastures at 18 years of age (longevity!). 1305 is a Romeo daughter. Romeo produced some awesome females for us. 2327 is line bred at 11.4%. The pedigree is a “Who’s Who” in the South Poll world. Romeo 0428, Dandy 869, Chief M480, and R416 are all well-known bulls in the pedigree twice with 4401 appearing 3 times. The influential bull, 5430, is in the extended pedigree 10 times. Umpire 700-042, used heavily in development of the breed, is in the extended pedigree at least 40 times. Also making a singular appearance is 6416, the “Miss America” bull, because his produced beautiful daughters. Special females are 9408, Romeo’s dam, who calved Romeo at 14 months of age (great fertility!) twice, 1628 “Fat Mama” twice, and B0358 “Mother of Great Bulls” twice. 2327 has a well-balanced pedigree with high longevity. Her DNA profile is identical to that of her twin sister, who we are going to keep as a prized member of our herd. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity at the Regenerative Agricultural Alliance Summit in Greeneville, TN, on September 29, 2019! Join us for the chance to acquire not just cattle, but a piece of regenerative farming history. 2327, accompanied by three full Blood South Poll heifers and four full blood South Poll bulls, will be up for auction. We extend a warm invitation to all to attend this event and witness the future of regenerative agriculture firsthand. For those unable to join us in person, rest assured we've got you covered. You can still participate by having a dedicated representative bid on your behalf. Simply text us first, then give us a call to make the necessary arrangements prior to the auction. Contact us at 85zero 26zero Ten71, and secure your stake in this remarkable opportunity. Together, let's pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable agricultural future!
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