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Full blood heifer Holiday 9430 1826 2380

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Exceptional Fullblood South Poll Heifer: Meet Holiday 2380, available at the Regenerative Agricultural Alliance Summit 9/29/2023 in Greeneville, TN Are you in search of the perfect addition to your cattle herd? Look no further! Introducing Holiday 2380, an outstanding fullblood South Poll heifer born on 3/2/2023, with a pedigree that speaks of excellence. Heritage and Lineage Holiday 2380 boasts an impressive lineage that sets her apart in the world of South Poll cattle. She is the offspring of the remarkable sire 9430 and the distinguished dam, Holiday 1826. With a 4.4% line breeding, she carries the best of her ancestry forward to the future. Sire: 9430 - A Jewel in the Crown 9430, the proud father of Holiday 2380, was carefully selected for his pivotal role in our line breeding program. His pedigree is nothing short of exceptional, featuring legendary names such as Broadway, Endurance, and the illustrious cow 0810, which appears twice in his lineage. Cow 0810 has produced some renowned South Poll bulls, making 9430 a valuable genetic asset. Maternal Lineage: The 1307 Cow Family On the maternal side of the pedigree, 2380 hails from the esteemed 1307 cow family, a lineage we have dedicated our breeding focus on. Within the maternal lineage, you'll find the influential Romeo 0428, appearing twice, and the impressive "Miss America" bull, 6416, also making a double appearance. Additionally, Bull Dandy 869 is featured three times, alongside R416, which appears four times. This rich genetic heritage ensures that Holiday 2380 carries the legacy of exceptional South Poll genetics. Exceptional Traits Holiday 2380's DNA analysis reveals an array of desirable traits. She is genetically predisposed to calving ease, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free calving process. Her genetics also point toward longevity, meaning she'll be a lasting asset to your cattle operation. Moreover, her docile temperament makes her easy to handle and work with, a valuable characteristic for any cattle breeder. Your Opportunity Holiday 2380 represents a unique opportunity to enhance your cattle herd with top-notch South Poll genetics. Whether you're a seasoned breeder looking to improve your stock or a newcomer seeking a reliable and valuable addition, 2380 is the answer. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity at the Regenerative Agricultural Alliance Summit in Greeneville, TN, on September 29, 2019! Join us for the chance to acquire not just cattle, but a piece of regenerative farming history. 2380, accompanied by three full Blood South Poll heifers and four full blood South Poll bulls, will be up for auction. We extend a warm invitation to all to attend this event and witness the future of regenerative agriculture firsthand. For those unable to join us in person, rest assured we've got you covered. You can still participate by having a dedicated representative bid on your behalf. Simply text us first, then give us a call to make the necessary arrangements prior to the auction. Contact us at 85zero 26zero Ten71, and secure your stake in this remarkable opportunity. Together, let's pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable agricultural future!
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