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3- 50% Dexter 50% South Poll cow calf pairs & two 3/4 heifers

Price: $3,500.00
3-50% Dexter 50% South Poll cow calf pairs. 2- 25% Dexter 75% South Poll heifers $3500 each for the pairs $2000 each for the heifers $13500 for all of them. 66 & 65 are eight years old and have 3/4 bull calves. Their calves are black this year but they regularly throw reds. 94 is a five-year-old with a 3/4 heifer calf 23-1 is 94 3/4 heifer from last year 23-2 is 66 3/4 heifer from last year I started with Dexters and got a SouthPoll Bull from Greg Judy in 15. I have too many animals for my land base so I’m selling my older black cows and keeping my younger red higher percentage cows. They’ve all been born and raised on my farm. they are trained to hotwire and have been run in a flerd with sheep and a guard dog.
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