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SP Grass Starter Herd

Price: $13,600.00
Great opportunity for a high percentage starter herd. I'm selling 13 cows that were open in 2021 but fattened up nicely and have been exposed to a 3yr old registered pureblood SP bull (Alpha) and a 1yr old Mashona/Hereford bull (Beta) for +45days. All the cows are at lest 50% SP with some higher percentage and a few registered. Bulls were introduced on 8/5/21. The calves of these animals will be an upgrade over their mama's, both in percentage SP and or general grass efficiency. Any problem animals have been removed from this group and they have all raised a calve before. We are located in South Central Louisiana, run a grass only operation with daily moves. These animals are calm and easy to handle and well broke to a single poly fence. They have survived the last two winters on Stockpiled C4 grasses with only a protein lick tub. It's a tough operation in hard country and there is ample opportunity for an animal to fall out of this program. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I'll be happy to email the group details. Bull pictures are included FYI but not for sale at this time. Thank you, Justin Fuselier
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