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Young Hereford and Red Angus Cows, bred to Fullblood Southpoll

Price: $2,500.00
3 young Hereford Cows (3.5 years old) and 1 young Red Angus Cow (3 years old) out of established TN / KY herds, bred to Fullblood Southpoll Bull from Sumner Farm / Bent Tree. I acquired these animals as heifers in August 2020. Hereford's are 3.5 years old, have each had two 50% Southpoll calves already (with no assistance), never missed, and should be rebred with their third (preg check to be confirmed with Veterinarian in April). Red Angus is only 3 years old, had her first calf late last summer as a 2-year old. Our bull is Fullblood Southpoll out of Sumner Farm / Bent Tree, and his 50% SP calves are thick and slick in summer. These cows are low input, started out as fall calving heifers, but are advancing toward mid-year, carrying each of their calves through winter with no feed or supplement, only daily pasture rotations, hay, and mineral. Only reason selling as we are slightly overstocked due to taking 20% of our acreage out of production this spring for renovation, and need to destock slightly. Photos of cows, (along with their past calves, and sire bull for reference) are included. Four head total, asking $2,500 each. #24 - Hereford, 3.5 years old, two calves to-date: 01J (10/22/21), and 12K (9/1/22). #27 - Hereford, 3.5 years old, two calves to-date: 04J (11/10/21), and 14K (10/5/22). #30 - Hereford, 3.5 years old, two calves to-date: 03J (11/03/21), and 15K (12/15/22). #34 - Red Angus, barely 3 years old, first calf as two year old: 10K (8/3/22). Animals are on the ranch, in Cumberland Furnace Tennessee. Call or text with questions.
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