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2019 Houston Livestock Sale

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Heifer Sale 1:00 p.m.
(following the Bull Sale)

Pedigrees Pen 1 – Bred Heifers

Pedigrees Pen 2 – Bred Heifers

Pedigrees Pen 3 – Open Heifers

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NRG Arena Sale Pavilion

Shown below are South Poll Cattle that will be up for auction this year at the Houston Livestock Sale.

#687 – Pen 1View Full Size#527 – Pen 1View Full SizeE341- Pen 1View Full SizeE472- Pen 1View Full Size#697 – Pen 1View Full Size#07 – Pen 2View Full Size#1733 – Pen 2View Full Size#77 – Pen 2View Full Size#H723 – Pen 2View Full Size#87 – Pen 2View Full Size#7801 – Pen 3View Full Size#7806 – Pen 3View Full Size#7809 – Pen 3View Full Size#7814 – Pen 3View Full Size


2018 Houston Livestock Sale


The pen of South Poll heifers were the 2nd highest selling
Bred Heifer Lot in the Houston Sale.

The heifers sold for $4,000 each.

Thank you to Paul Stoltzfus, Fox Hill Farms, for purchasing the heifers!

March 8th, 2017

The South Poll Association had the top selling pen of Bred Heifers.  Many thanks to all of those who bid.

Thank you Hoof & Hide, JR and Kara Jones for purchasing the pen of halfblood heifers! 

Thank you Damon Folmar, Bois d’ Arc, for purchasing the pen of fullbood heifers!

Halfbloods sold for $3100 each

Fullbloods sold for $3800 each