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Adam Mason

Cropped Design

Adam Mason


Location: Apollo, PA

Region: East / Northeast


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About Adam

We are obsessed with pasture and soil health. Here’s why: When you optimize these two interconnected living systems, the animals that graze from it are the healthiest in the world. What separates us from others is that we are transparent and don’t use trendy, ambiguous buzz words to deceive our customers. When we say pasture raised we mean animals that are out in the sunshine, pecking and scratching the earth for insects and earthworms, eating a large palate of vegetation, with exercise and fresh air. At HEAL Farms, animals express themselves in the way nature intended and you as a customer will eat the tastiest, healthiest, most flavor-rich food available. We are driven by a passion and deep love to grow healthy food for people. That passion extends into us wanting to share this with others that are in need. HEAL Farms donates sales percentage to HEAL, a non-profit that provides impoverished communities the knowledge and resources to develop agricultural systems for self sustaining aid. When you buy from us, you not only feed your family, but you help feed other families in need. Farm-raised to raise up a farmer.