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Don Hunter

Runningdoubleh south pasture

Don Hunter

Running Double H

Location: Crosby, TX

Region: South

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About Don

Hi! We are Running Double H Farms. We started out with two horses living in the suburban lifestyle. We decided to buy property so both horse can live in the back yard. We also decided to help with the taxes and we love having our own beef processed, we dove into growing our own cattle. After the hubby watched countless videos of Greg Judy and others. We were sold on the regenerative pasture management and bought our property and put what we have learned in practice. We have seen first hand in our first year spoils of our hard work and research come to fruit. Especially, in the recent drought conditions we are experiencing currently. We plan on raising grass feed and finished cattle beef to end users, help continue the breed selective culling to help improve genetics of the breed. Strive for the best Stockmanship (a method of handling cattle in a way that uses their natural tendencies to get them to move in a more effective way resulting in less stress on the animal and the handler). With this mind set, my horses are also reaping the benefits of the rotational grazing and trace mineralized natural salts. All the years of expensive horse products, my horse and mule looks their best and have the best feet in town. My saying lets return to our grass roots! Contact us at [email protected] or Call us at 713-875-0266 or 713-875-3590.