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Doug Galloway

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Doug Galloway

Galloway Ranch South Poll

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Region: South

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About Doug

Galloway Ranch is a native and introduced grass based operation near McAlester OK and Lake Eufaula. A temperate climate, Ouachita mountain foothill geography, and shallow soils create a diverse perennial base of cool and warm season forages for grazing cattle. Summers are hot-humid with generally mild/variable winters. Our best forage is mid-March through mid-July. There is no to very little farming in the area and we are not farmers! Soil health practices are implemented to improve soil water storage which is our main resource limitation. Wildlife is abundant in the grassland/open woodland habitat. We are 3rd generation ranchers in our 50s with a lifetime of cattle experience in both private herds and research cattle. An adapted cow herd is being developed from an initial set of purchased females (South Poll, Red Angus, Angus and Murray Grey) under low input management, flexible grazing plan, and strict selection criteria. Most cows are fall calving and a spring herd is being created from the fall base. We raise all cattle we need: steers, heifers, bulls and ranch beef for three families. Herd is closed but occasionally, proven bulls are outsourced to enhance the genetic base. Cull cattle are sold through the local sale barn or butchered to maintain South Poll breed integrity. Being part-time ranchers, long-lived easy-care structurally-correct cattle with balanced maternal and production traits are the end goal. We prefer to sell small lots of cattle direct ranch to ranch. This includes steers, surplus females and occasional bulls which meet our high standards. Our focus is consistent cattle, fair price and building long-term working relationships with customers.