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Dusty Hunt

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Dusty Hunt

Double D Farms

Location: Kincaid, KS

Region: Midwest / Upper Midwest

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About Dusty

We are Dusty and Dee Hunt. We are a small family farm operation in S.E. Kansas near Kincaid that has raised Angus for 18 years and are making the jump to South Poll due to the grass fed aspect and health benefits of the breed. We have a herd of 45 cows currently and are planning on expanding that number with the South Poll blood line. we will be breeding up some 50% cross as well as purchasing Full bloods to speed up the process. We also love gardening and traveling around our great nation seeing the beautiful farms and sites it has to behold and meeting the people that make the rural community farmsteads operate. We look forward to meeting the people of the South Poll community as we grow and learn from their knowledge to further our farms goals and endeavors.