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Frank Lutz

Triple E Farms

Location: Kingston, GA

Region: South


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About Frank

Triple E Farms, LLC

The farm is near Kingston, GA which is roughly 60 miles northwest of Atlanta. Anheuser-Busch owned the property, selling it to the Economos family November 2018. The family owns Eagle Rock Distributing, based in Atlanta. John, the father is Chairman, and Steve, the eldest son is CEO. The other three brothers Nicholas, Andrew, and Michael are all significant contributors to the enterprise in various executive positions.

With their desire to create a wildlife habitat and Grassfed cattle operation they invited Frank Lutz, father of Eagle Rock’s CFO, Francis Jr. To visit the property to make recommendations. Frank owned a farm in Illinois raising American Grassfed Association cattle for the past nine years. Following the visit an agreement was reached between Frank and the Economos family. Frank became sole proprietor and head herdsman of the grassfed cattle enterprise.

The land is blessed with white tail deer and turkeys. It’s rich, rolling lush pastures are dotted with peaks and other areas shaded by lush forest.

What Sets Our Meat Apart?

We grow pure bred South Poll cattle. The breed started by Teddy Gentry of Ft. Payne, AL are ideal for the southeast environment. They are moderate frame, slick haired cows... bred to withstand the heat, have a gentle disposition and excel on a forage diet only… resulting in quality tender beef!

Meet Frank

Frank Lutz - Head Herdsman

30 year career with Maxwell House Coffee and then Kraft Foods. Retired and purchased the farm he grew up on in IL. His wife wanted to eat healthy and wanted grassfed/finished beef, which was hard to find nine years ago. So Frank researched what was necessary to grow healthy cows on a forage diet, bought some Murray Grey cows, got certified by the American Grassfed Association and the rest is history.

Frank and Barb’s two children and four grandchildren live in the Atlanta area. When the Economos family offered him the opportunity at Triple E Farms... it was a dream come true... do what you love and live close to the ones you love!