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Gil Yearwood

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Gil Yearwood

Ellett Valley Beef

Location: Blacksburg, VA

Region: East / Northeast


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About Gil

Ellett Valley Beef Company is a grass-based, low input beef cattle operation in southwest Virginia near Blacksburg. We have been raising beef cattle at this location since 1975.

Our products are premium grassfed beef, South Poll Cattle, and commercial grass cattle.

Our protocols include high-density rotational grazing, humane animal treatment, and minimal use of chemicals and fossil fuel. Synthetic hormones and feed-grade antibiotics are not allowed.

Our goals include producing healthy, tasty grassfed beef and contented, efficient cattle in a fashion that is sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Visitors are welcome. If you’d like to see where your food comes from and how it’s raised, contact us for a visit. We have two locations in Ellett Valley, 1080 Taylor Hollow Rd. and 2072 Luster's Gate Road. All beef pickups are at the Luster's Gate Road location.