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James Foster

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James Foster

Foster Family Farms

Location: Grosbeck, TX

Region: South

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About James

Foster Farms is located in the heart of Texas, just outside of Groesbeck and is home to the Foster family. Three generations work together raising registered South Poll cattle strictly in a forage based system with a holistically managed approach. Our operation is built around low stress handling and regenerative farming practices to not only develop the best cattle we are capable of, but the best soils and forages as well. Founded upon sustainable goals to benefit the cattle epigenetically has in turn allowed our breed genetics to run their course and flourish. Our goal is to grow a herd that is highly adaptable, efficient, & maternal that can easily thrive in any central Texas seed stock and/or commercial operation as well. Utilizing the South Poll Grass cattle breed via our adaptive / regenerative farming practices has elevated our game and we hope it can do the same for many other families along the way.