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JR & Kara Jones


JR & Kara Jones

Hoof & Hide LLC

Location: Athens, TX

Region: South


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About JR & Kara

Hi! I’m JR Jones. I live in Athens, Texas (approximately 1 ½ hours southeast of Dallas), with my wife, Kara, and two children. The name of our ranch is Hoof & Hide LLC. We started out as a young couple with a “conventional” ranch, but in 2010 converted to a pesticide / herbicide / commercial fertilizer free ranch following multiple health challenges for our son, who was five years old at the time. Soon after, in response to more health challenges, we switched to a grass-fed operation as well. In the past eleven years, we have made great strides toward what we feel is a healthier and more sustainable operation. One of the big changes we made was to switch from “commercial sale barn cattle” to registered South Poll cattle in 2015. Our only regret has been not having made this switch earlier. I even attended the 2nd South Poll Field Day! At the time I was impressed with the breed, but the thought of selling everything and starting over was daunting. If that is where you are now, I know how you feel. We are one of the original ranches in Texas to introduce South Polls and also one of the largest. Give us a call if you need help getting started in the breed.

On our ranch you will find:

*Registered South Poll Cattle

*100% Grass Fed & Finished (each year we work to fine-tune our cover crops for animal and soil health)

*Intensive Rotational Grazing and high-stock density (these are tools we use to promote increased utilization of our forage resources, increased rest periods for our pastures, support healthy soil, and increase weight gains on our cattle without additional inputs)

*Effective Stockmanship (a method of handling cattle in a way that uses their natural tendencies to get them to move in a more effective way resulting in less stress on the animal and the handler)

*Cattle That Fit Our Environment (the heat and humidity of East Texas can be challenging for cattle and we feel South Polls are best adapted to our conditions)

*Natural Supplements (sea salt, bentonite clay, and apple cider vinegar, etc.)

If you would like to learn more about our cattle or operations, call 903-681-4211, email: [email protected], or visit our website:, where you can join our email list announcing cattle sales.