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Judy and Steve Freeman

Judy and Steve Freeman

Woods Fork Cattle Company LLC

Location: Hartville, MO


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About Judy and Steve

For the last 30+ years, Woods Fork Cattle Company, in the Ozarks of southern Missouri, has been using a simple breeding system to develop cattle adapted to our farm and region that allows the cows to profitably produce calves in a low input, completely foraged based system, with very little stress on the cows or the farm managers. The goal has always been to have cows that can breed in July and August on KY31 fescue based pastures to calve in April and May - in sync with the grass growth and close to the natural period when most North American wild herbivores have their babies. It’s a simple breeding plan in concept, but a difficult one to actually follow. Woods Fork Cattle Company has been using South Poll bulls since 2006 and producing purebred South Polls through the breed up program. It’s a program we are pleased with and it means all the cows have been raised and born on this farm. Other than registration fees and DNA testing, we have no additional expenses for having a purebred herd than when we produced commodity cattle. This helps to ensure we keep the breeding system “simple” and not influenced by pedigree. Our purchased bulls have come directly from Bent Tree, Voss Land & Cattle Company and Sassafras Valley.