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Mark Dobbs

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Mark Dobbs

Dobbs Hill Farm

Location: Hillsboro, OH

Region: East / Northeast

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About Mark

Dobbs Hill Farm is a 105-acre Christian family farm operated my Mark and (son) Dylan Dobbs, located 65 miles east of Cincinnati in Hillsboro, Ohio. For the last 15 years we`ve been a successful organic dairy farm operation, but recently have made the decision to start a new chapter at Dobbs Hill Farm by investing and transitioning to the South Poll breed. We are starting with cow/calf operation and would like to reach 30 to 40 in the near future. In the past, we`ve implemented M.I.G. (Management Intensive Grazing) with our dairy herd and have plans to be 100% grass-fed with Adaptive Grazing in our South Poll cattle. It`s a true blessing to watch the development and body condition of South Poll cattle after grazing on fescue. I consider myself a sucess if after putting God first, I can continue to improve my quality of land, while at the same time give my animals the best life possible. We are truly blessed to live on our family farm and to be able start a new phase with South Poll breed.