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Robbie Ballard

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Robbie Ballard

Carter James Ranch

Location: Paola, KS

Region: Midwest / Upper Midwest

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About Robbie

The Carter James Ranch was started in 2022. We are new to ranching and decided to start our cattle herd with South Polls. We also have some Full Blood Wagyu but love the South Poll breed. The home ranch is located in Paola, KS which is just south of Kansas City. The ranch sits right in town across from the Paola Country Club. This property is an icon for the town as it stands out with the candy striped barn and silo. The farmhouse was built in 1895 with a caretakers home on the property as well. We focus on raising breeding stock and meat. In addition to cattle we also raise sheep, laying chickens and have raised broilers. The ranch is named after my nephew who passed away as an infant from complications that did not allow him to survive outside the womb. His name sounds like he would have made a great little cowboy! His brief life made me stop and think about American life and how busy everyone is and it caused me to dramatically change how I spend my time and what I do on a daily basis. Come visit the ranch or follow us on our YouTube channel. Carter James Ranch - Home of the Kansas South Poll!