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Tom Pearson


Tom Pearson

Carhan Farm

Location: Eatonton, GA


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About Tom

In March 2013, Tom and Alex Pearson purchased 300 acres in Putnam County, GA: the Dairy Capital of Georgia. The farm had been owned and run as a dairy farm until the 1980's, when it was sold in two parcels to friends who used the land for hunting and fishing—maintaining the fields for hay production. In 2003, it went into an Estate and was minimally maintained until 10 years later when the Pearsons purchased the majority of the two parcels consisting of approximately 70% pasture and 30% forest. Conservation, restoration and good stewardship of the land was the priority. Perry Dykes, a long-time friend, suggested raising beef cattle on the land. With his expertise, enthusiasm and guidance we grew the herd to over 140 cows and calves. Sadly Perry passed away unexpectedly in September 2021. As we grieved the loss of our good friend and partner, a close friend of Perry’s stepped in to help. Austin Nix has an agricultural degree from Mississippi State University and works locally in the management of an egg production facility but his real passion is raising cattle. We are grateful that Austin now brings his expertise and energy to help us manage and improve our farm. Our goal is capitalize on the genetics of the South Poll breed to raise grass-fed, grass-finished beef on our pastures. We are now proud to offer our top quality beef at local markets and restaurants.