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Trey Wright

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Trey Wright

Lightning Rock Cattle

Location: Walterboro, SC

Region: East / Northeast

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About Trey

Trey is a 4th generation cattleman from northern California and Corrine is a 1st generation farmer from eastern Massachusetts. They met while both on active duty in Norfolk, Virginia and the rest is history! Settling in Charleston, South Carolina, Trey and Corrine found a piece of property that would allow their dreams to come alive. The couple has worked to fence, plant, burn, and graze the farm. It’s unrecognizable from the overgrown landscape they took a chance on in 2020. Today, Trey and Corrine (with the help of their daughters!) raise South Poll and Pineywoods cattle for beef, chickens for meat, ducks for both eggs and meat, and bees for honey. Trey is a Firefighter in Charleston and Corrine still serves on active duty in the Coast Guard.