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Wayne & Idian Hall

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Wayne & Idian Hall

Snowy Ridge Farm

Location: Dinwiddie, VA

Region: East / Northeast

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About Wayne & Idian

We have lived in Dinwiddie Virginia since 2007 (Retired Military Veteran). I am a partner on another cattle operation with my Friend. My wife, and I decided we wanted to start raising the South Poll Bred after over a year of researching the breed and visiting SP Farm (Dakota Blanks and Andy Dukes Farm, here in VA). We recently purchased 9 girls from Mark and Danny Fechtel in Westphalia MO to get start. We have 8 Moma cows, a mix between 50% to 75% SP, who are due this fall. We also purchased one 75% Heifer. We are excited about raising the SP Breed and continuing to learn more about them and meet other folks raising the South Poll breed.