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I have a 2 year old Registered Bull for sale Reg # (39377). This Bull was born on this Farm and I have had with Cow herd in a multisire cow herd.
Good - Priced Fairly, Great Disposition as with most South Polls, No Worming or Grain (Grass Only), Electric Fence Broke (moved daily), would expect him to throw small calves.
Cons - Want to give a honest opinion where he could fit. This Bull does a twist at the base of his nuts. He and his mother grow more hair than the slick South Polls not as desirable. Not a overly masculine Bull (crest on neck ect). I think if you are just getting started and are wanting some half bloods on just run of the mill commercial cow this Bull for the money may fit the bill. This is not a bull for a high end SouthPoll herd with really good genetics.
Reason for Sale - We have purchased a very good South Poll Bull and no longer need 18-01.
If you have interest just give me a call I will tell you everything I know on him. Additionally, would be happy to have him Semen tested before being sold.

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