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Cadillac called about these cows and asked us to stop referring to them as "The Cadillac of Cows".
They said, and I quote, "That's not good enough. Call them Rolls Royce, Maybach, Bugatti, anything, but our name doesn't do these animals justice." I thought it was a bit weird, but they're probably right.

These bovines devour grass like it was just sprinkled with crack.

Diamonds twinkle behind them in their droppings.

Their calves burst out, newborn, solving calculus equations.

They harvest grass in the field when it's burning 100 degrees outside and all the other cows are down at the creek swimming - and you don't even have to put gas in them!

What's more, this herd isn't filled with high-dollar, blow-out-your-wallet animals!
We have 1/2, 3/4, and 7/8 cows and heifers for sale. Some cows are bred to calve this fall, some have just dropped calves within the last two weeks, some are open heifers ranging from 1-2 years and are ready to meet your bull (if they're daddy approves of him, of course).
All are reasonably priced and looking for a new home.
Prices range from $900-$2,000.
Pictured are a couple of our favorites.
Write or call if you'd like to see more or set up a time to come look at them.

How do you know your ready for animals of this caliber?
Call me. I can answer that question for you.
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